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Systems are thorough, documented, user friendly and allow control over the status and progress of jobs. Staff are trained and enthusiastic.
Maybury Plumbing

I am very impressed with the Lake Maintenance Performance Management and ‘Spyder’ IT System - it is one of the best I have seen.
ISO9001 Auditor

The way we see it, Quality is about managing risk.

Lake Maintenance operates a Quality Management System that is accredited to international standards (ISO9001:2015).

That means we document, measure and refine procedures and roles in every corner of our business, and we have dedicated Quality specialists in our team. It means we use field-based technology to conduct 75,000 property inspections. It also means that we apply standards to our work, and we train, support and reward our staff to deliver those standards.

Importantly, it’s a system that runs on innovation: always striving to improve our technology, processes and people to prevent and manage risks.

For example, we adapt our IT systems for each client to capture data and business rules for the kind of reporting that is most useful.

We’re always looking for ways to improve – drop us a line!