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strategy & systems

For the first time: a simple system with great asset data. We created it.

Decisions about how to invest in assets – especially ageing assets that are geographically dispersed – is a complicated business. Data is essential, yet it is often buried amongst disjointed systems or not captured at all.

We developed easy-to-use, compatible-with-everyone systems that capture the detail. We have helped clients to identify, prioritise and select assets to meet customer demands, and to define the delivery strategy – building, buying, reconfiguring, selling or maintaining.

Our newest web-based software gives Housing organisations a unique view of their portfolios and assets. For the first time, Public Housing and Community Housing clients can see ‘live’ condition reporting of their assets, linked to work orders and geospatial software. It’s data that changes decisions about where, when and how to invest in assets – and how to get value.

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