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I was very pleased with the plumber who attended yesterday – please pass on my thanks.

I have just received a phone call from our tenant – she wanted to pass on a big thank you.

Our tenant called to commend the contractors – she said they were great, most efficient.

We’re not satisfied unless you are.

We like to know when things are working and when they’re not - that’s why Lake Maintenance asks tenants, and tenants tend to be very satisfied with our work:

Safety. We’ll spot the risks, and take steps to ensure you’re safe.
Convenience. With more than 3,000 tradespeople across Australia, we’ll find one for you quickly.
Punctual. You’ll know exactly what time to expect us, and you’ll hear from us if there’s a change.
Quality. Before we start, we’ll explain the work and the timeframe to do it.
Respect. When the job’s complete, we’ll make sure there’s no mess.
Did we meet your expectations? Tell us about your experience.

"...just recently You Visited and approved an upgrade on the home. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Very much for this. The New Kitchen and Bathroom are Amazing every single aspect of these rooms is Fantastic from New stove right down to door handles, The Heat Pump is absolutely Perfect the home has never been this warm in winter in the 13 years that I have lived here and for the new Front Door that is great it doesn't even blow open any more in the wind. The Team of Guys that You have doing the work were Absolutely Brilliant Mike Driver, Robert Fox Have done such a fantastic Job along with the Electrician, Plumber, Plasterer and Painters who I might add even used drop cloths and matched the paint perfect and after every day the areas were left clean and tidy and all this work was completed in a week. I can not express enough how grateful I am it brought Me to tears to see how beautiful the home is now. I will finish by Promising You that I will Cherish the home and keep it looking as great as it does for the time that I remain a Tenant."
- Tenant, Tasmania.