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Lake Maintenance are very professional… issues were solved quickly. We have an excellent working environment.
Gearing Cabinets and Carpenters

Grow your business as we grow ours.

As Lake Maintenance has grown with new clients and geographies, our subcontractors’ businesses have grown too.

We work closely with 3,000 subcontractors, everyday. Just like our clients, subcontractors have firsthand access to Lake Maintenance directors. We offer the support – technology, training programs, safety procedures and quality accreditations – without the ego of a big maintenance service provider.

And if there’s something we can do better? Tell us. We want to hear it.

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Throughout my dealings with Lake Maintenance in regards to credit history and payment performance I have not yet had a problem. Payments are paid on time...
- Merredin Glazing Service

Lake Maintenance has always proven to be a reliable, time effective and organised client of Intrastruct.
- Intrastruct

...the payment system has become even more efficient with the implementation of the portal system on the computer meaning invoices can be sent to the main Lakes' office quicker and there is less margin for error with less people handling invoices, meaning in most cases they are getting processed and paid quicker.
- MF Dymnicki

Just wanted to say that all of the people in the Lake Maintenance Response Team, compared to other companies (such as Transfield and Programmed), are miles ahead in dealing with contractors like myself. In all aspects that I can think of.
For example, responding to calls very quickly, dealing with issues on the orders or any variations as well as doing the request and requirements right. Also, the Lake Maintenance Subcontractor Portal is far better than the rest.
Just giving you all a compliment, because I now deal with other companies unfortunately and can easily see who is better.
- Trade