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Lake Maintenance Clients

Who we work with

Our Clients

We still work with our first client.

Lake Maintenance has a history of long relationships with our client’s, first of which was a public housing organization, and the year was 1998.

We understand assets and are experienced in providing assessments, data analysis, maintenance, refurbishments, and capital works for our clients. We thrive on assisting organisations and businesses to understand and care for their assets and support their communities.

Thinking ‘outside the box’ is key and we enjoy the challenge of bringing new ideas to our clients.

We listen to our clients and give them access to our directors. We measure client satisfaction and always put safety first, and commit to quality. We continue to innovate and strive to improve our technology, processes, and people.

Who we work with

Public Housing

We’ll always have a soft spot for Public Housing.

Since 1998, we have assisted public housing clients to tackle impressive challenges. Get better data to prioritise budgets. Transition stock to new owners. Reduce a maintenance backlog. Recognise tenant sensitivities. We hear you. We’ve assisted Public Housing organisations with detailed property condition data to plan and prioritise maintenance. We’ve provided comprehensive transition support for new housing managers. We’ve implemented approaches to planned maintenance that reduce the backlog and help clients meet new asset management standards. We ask tenants what they think – and achieve consistently high tenant satisfaction scores.

Who we work with

Community Housing

Community superheroes. Here’s to you.

Community Housing organisations provide people in need with safe and secure homes. Their task is increasing. The demand for community housing has doubled in the past decade, and housing is less affordable than ever.

With the arrival of an international standard in 2014, these not-for-profit organisations are rapidly establishing their approach to asset management.

Lake Maintenance has extensive experience with housing portfolios across Australia – and we offer that experience to our clients.

We use Quality data to assist Community Housing organisations to improve safety, reliability, transparency – and achieve value for money.